Tree’s Care Info

Leyland Cypress Tree is one of the fastest growing evergreen. It is perfect for property line planting and screening. It is also deer resistant,The Leyland Cypress tree is a stately, pyramid-shaped evergreen. It has a rapid growth rate of 2 – 4 feet per year.The Leyland Cypress is hardy in Zones Six through 10A and tolerates poor soil,  salt spray, drought, severe pruning and partial shade to a full sun. The Leyland  Cypress is evergreen, meaning that it doesn’t lose its leaves in the fall,
Prune your Leyland Cypress tree when young to encourage stronger growth and to
minimize snow and ice damage.We recommend using a soaker hose that will be wrapped around the tree trunk over the root ball loosely. Your trees should be watered deeply two or three times per week.Some people prefer using a timer to simplified the process. When the roots are established, in about 6 weeks, you can discontinue the watering usually unless it is hot or dry. About 3 or 4 weeks after planting your trees, fertilize lightly with a general-purpose fertilizer like fresh start,10-10-10 or 13-13-13. Just sprinkle the fertilizer lightly around the drip line of the tree.