Question: DO Container Trees have Grown Material?

This is a good way to handle smaller size trees in most varieties, up to 10’ tall . One advantage is they can be easily transported and planted most time of year. There is less shock on the tree since you are getting 100% of the root system in the container that they are grown in.
A property sized hole is favorable , so new roots have space to thrive.

Field grown B&B trees have of course had their roots cut while they are being removed from the field They recover fine but it is more important they are moved at favorable times of the year
For successful planting’s.

B&B trees mean balled and burlaps from the field.

Depending on your screening needs. Different sizes require different spacing. Some customers would like to create a hedge for privacy
while others would like to give more space, so the tree stands in line as a Individual.
Also if you have a lot of room in your planting area, A staggered planting is a Alternative way to plant your trees as well.

We recommend drip line irrigation to ensure proper planting installation, In the beginning the tree roots needs to be trained to find the water in the ground. Drip line

Irrigation drips down beyond the root ball the roots then follow the water direction To root down and out. A tree that is Properly watered will be limited to any planting stress and keep the tree in growth mode watering along with a proper sized Planting holes is also favorable for success.

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