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Boxwood trees

Boxwood trees for sale offer you and your family many benefits outside of just beauty. Boxwood trees offer a barrier between your home and outside eyes; they add an extra layer of protection for you and your family. They are also very adaptable to various weather conditions, and soil types. There is no need to travel all over Nassau and Suffolk County to find a Long Island nursery that may or may not carry boxwood trees. Finding wholesale trees for sale is easy with Cypress Tree King. They not only offer a wide selection of wholesale trees, but their experts also are available to help you install, and maintain the health, and the beauty of your trees of choice.


The boxwood tree has been associated with formal gardens throughout history. It is not uncommon to find boxwood hedges in various gardens throughout Europe and the United States. Like the skip laurel tree, the boxwood tree is very low-maintenance. Boxwood shrubs only grow to about three to four feet tall. They grow pretty slowly, depending on the outdoor conditions. Unlike the skip laurel, boxwood trees grow quickly when they’re young, and slow down as they mature. Boxwood trees are very dense and mostly used for landscapes that are considered more formal. They grow best in partial shade, and are best if kept from both too much sunlight and high winds.

Japanese boxwoods, as well as Korean boxwoods, are the most popular because they grow quicker than any other type. They have a higher tolerance for colder temperatures and can withstand chillier weather better than their American and English counterparts. When searching for boxwood trees in nurseries, they tend to be a bit on the pricey side, simply because they grow so slowly. They love deep watering and need to be watered at least once a week. Keep them as far away from harsh winter weather, because they will suffer from a condition called bronzing. Boxwood trees love all-purpose plant food, and cannot, will not do well with acidic soil.

Properly pruning your boxwoods can keep them thriving for long periods of time. Cut all dying branches until you get to the healthy parts. Keeping the outside growth a bit thinner allows air and light to pass through to the center of your boxwood. That helps your boxwood grow fuller and healthier.

If your boxwood is looking less than stellar, water the soil just to keep it moist. Add soil on top of that to retain the moisture. If that doesn’t work, pruning your boxwood maybe it’s the best bet.

If you have a boxwood tree that appears to be dying, pruning it can save its life. Cut off all of the dead branches, open up the center and add slow-release fertilizer. Water it and that should allow it to grow healthier and maintain its life. If your boxwood is older or taller than three feet, it may not be salvageable; you most likely have to replace it.

Compared to other trees they grow relatively slow, they only slow down in growth as they age. When boxwood trees are for sale, it is best to buy younger ones, because they tend to grow faster, and the shelf life is longer.

Although it is not a very common concern, be on the lookout for blight on your boxwood tree. Blight is a fungal disease that may affect your boxwood plant. Keep an eye out for brown streaks on the stem, or rapid loss of leaves. That may be an indication of blight on your plant. If you do encounter blight, replacing your boxwood is the best option. Coffee grounds are great for boxwood trees. Add that to the soil of your trees to give your boxwoods a little extra fertilizing boost. Plus, it smells great!

Boxwood poisoning

Boxwood poisoning can happen. If it comes into contact with human skin, it can cause irritation and a rash. If boxwood leaves are eaten, they can cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness and also diarrhea. In rare, extreme cases, it can cause respiratory failure.

If you are looking to add boxwoods to your lawn’s landscape, Keep in mind you don’t need to go all over Nassau and Suffolk County to find it. Boxwood trees for sale give you the option of adding an element of beauty to your landscaping woes. Avoid Long Island nurseries when you decide to plant your boxwoods in your yard. Cypress Tree King experts can handle all of your planting needs.