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Imagine planting a tree in your backyard and it remains green all year round. That is not the norm in the Northeast. Evergreen trees have a lot of appeal because of the fact that they keep their leaves year-round. No matter how hot or cold it is outside evergreens are a great addition to your home’s landscaping. They provide privacy, beauty and there is a large variety to choose from for your landscaping needs. When looking for evergreen trees, there is no need to search for any Long Island wholesale nursery for the right evergreen trees. Cypress Tree King is here to help you plant, grow and maintain your evergreen trees year-round.

On Nassau and Suffolk county, finding the right wholesale trees for sale can be a lot of work for someone that does not know what kind of evergreen trees they want. Evergreen trees for sale vary because there are different types of evergreen trees. Finding out which one satisfies your landscaping needs requires expert advice.

Which one should I get?

Knowing the chances of survival of your evergreen trees should be one of the deciding factors of buying your evergreen trees. Since there are many types of evergreen trees, knowing which climates that best suit your needs are essential. There are tropical evergreens and there are evergreen trees that are better suited in drier climates. Once you have figured out what kind of evergreen trees best works for your yard, you need to know what kind of soil, and ph will be best for its growth and survival.

Why do they stay green all the time?

Evergreen trees keep their lush, green color all year because they shed their leaves gradually. Many trees in the Northeast lose their leaves all at once, which explains the naked, bare trees and twigs we see in the winter. Since evergreens do not shed their leaves all at once, there is still plenty of green leftovers that hasn’t fallen off yet. Their leaves have a thick, leathery texture, unlike deciduous trees (trees that shed their leaves in the fall or winter).

Evergreen tree facts

Evergreen trees are found in every continent except for Antartica. There is thousands of species of evergreens including palm trees and cypress trees but there are thousands of species of evergreens throughout the earth. Evergreen trees usually grow and thrive in partial to full sunlight; many do not do well in the shade. Since there are so many different species, they all require different types of care. There are some that are tropical and need to be watered more than ones that thrive in a drought. Coniferous (needle-shaped or scalelike leaves) usually do better when they are in dry, well-soiled soil, versus tropical rainforest evergreens that need soggy soil and consistently warm temperatures to thrive.

Care practices

Depending on which evergreen trees you choose, know that one of the benefits of evergreen trees is that they don’t require too much pruning. Older evergreen trees should be pruned just to help them maintain their health. Cutting off the dead branches, and cutting away water spouts that can potentially affect the overall health of your evergreen trees. One of the best ways to maintain your evergreen trees is by fertilizing them. Keeping them fertilized protects them from disease, and helps them maintain their beauty and overall health.

When deciding which evergreen tree best suits your needs, keep in mind what uses you want and need from them. Are you looking for complete privacy and want to keep your home virtually hidden away? Are you looking for a barrier that can protect you and your home against the wind? Having trees that are used as windshields are great ways to contribute to lowering your overall energy bill.

Before Christianity, ancient people hung evergreen boughs on their doors to ward off witches, spirits, and ghosts.

What to be aware of when buying your evergreens

Knowing certain things such as how much sunlight am I able to provide my tree? What kind of soil is needed to ensure and maintain its health? How much space is available when you’re looking to plant multiples.

There are evergreens that are best suited for the northeastern climate. They may live in a tropical setting. Evergreens such as red pine, weeping white spruce, and Russian cypress are great examples of pine trees that will thrive in the fickle weather of the northeast.

Why search high and low for evergreen trees for sale when Nassau and Suffolk County residents have a one-stop shop for their tree needs. Cypress Tree King is the top choice for your evergreen tree needs. You no longer need to try to find a Long Island wholesale nursery for wholesale trees for sale.