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Green Giant Arborvitae

Are you looking to upgrade your front and backyard? You don’t have to travel all over Nassau and Suffolk counties searching for the ideal Long Island wholesale nursery. Cypress Tree King can offer you endless amounts of information on how to give your home’s landscaping a facelift. They specialize in wholesale trees for sale and have experts readily available to help you transform your yard into a safe, relaxing setting. Cypress Tree King experts are available to help you not only install your new trees but help you maintain them throughout the year as well. On Long Island, green giant arborvitae (also known as thuja) are very popular. They offer your home standout curb appeal, they don’t cost a lot to obtain and maintain, and they are a dream to grow.


The name arborvitae comes from the Latin language, and it means the tree of life. There are five thuja species altogether. Two of them are found in North America, and the other three are commonly found in Asia. Green giant arborvitae falls under the category of evergreen trees. They are able to grow very tall; they have been known to grow between ten and 200 feet! They are mostly grown for decorative reasons and are commonly used as hedges. The wood is soft and is aromatic. It resists decay and has been used to repel moths. The wood has been used for posts, fences, and rails. Because it is lightweight and is resistant to decay, it is also used as a guitar soundboard. Since the green giant arborvitae is lightweight and resistant to decay, it is being used to construct beehives. If you want to grow seedlings, they take a little time, but they need a lot of sunlight and water. That is how they grow best.

Health benefits

Believe it or not, the green giant arborvitae offers health benefits. Using the essential oil can help relieve ailments such as rheumatism; it can help calm the overall inflammation that causes pain and discomfort. It is also a natural diuretic. Using thuja as a diuretic is also a huge benefit for flushing toxins out of your body, and helping your body clear out things such as excess salt and uric acid. It is also a stimulant. Using green giant arborvitae essential oil helps stimulate blood flow and circulation in the body. It keeps uric acid from building up in your body and helps with relief for those that suffer from conditions such as arthritis and gout. It is also used as a natural Mucinex. It helps clear up phlegm and mucus, it decongests and can be used as a cough medicine as well. For anyone that is not a fan of insects and critters, arborvitae essential oil is also beneficial because it is a natural insect repellant. It has been used to repel mosquitos, lice, fleas, and ticks. It can replace your bug spray and notice how you will see fewer ants and roaches in your home.

Other benefits of green giant arborvitae

Green giant arborvitae trees grow really well in damp soil. For people that live in an area with particularly drier climates and drier summers, green giant is able to withstand the drier summers and not die. They are natural repellents to deer. If you are looking to keep your front and backyard clear of deer, it is a great, safe way to encourage the deer to move on to the next yard. Once the giant arborvitae becomes an “adult,” it tends to grow quicker. Yes, it is a bit of regular maintenance, but it provides optimal shade, especially if it is hot outside. You are able to comfortably sit under your tree and enjoy the warm shade. Since it tends to grow pretty quickly, you have complete creative freedom as to how you want to trim your giant arborvitae. You can experiment with certain cuts, and see which one is best for your lifestyle, and home. If you don’t like it, never fear, it will grow back quickly! You will be able to either try something new or go to your default cut.

Cypress Tree King is your one-stop shop for finding green giant arborvitaes for sale. Their on-hand experts will install, and help you maintain the health and beauty of your trees. You no longer need to travel all over Nassau and Suffolk County to find a Long Island wholesale nursery when looking for wholesale trees for sale. Save yourself time and aggravation, and hire the experts at Cypress Tree King.