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Skip Laurel Trees

Skip laurel trees are found all over Nassau and Suffolk County. There is no need to hit up every Long Island nursery to help you find the perfect skip laurel trees when Cypress Tree King is here at your service! Their experts are available to help you find the perfect trees, plant and maintain them for you. We are all busy, and finding wholesale trees for sale can be a hassle. Having a top-rated service do all the heavy lifting for you is a time saver for you. Skip laurel trees are weather resistant, drought resistant, and pest resistant.


Skip laurel trees; also known as Schipka cherry laurel is found in most of the United States, but it is native to Turkey, Iran and around the black sea. They can survive in any kind of weather and can thrive with any kind of soil. Once spring rolls around, they develop clusters of little white flowers and also develop fruit that is similar to cherries. They were brought from Europe to the United States by American settlers.

Although they can grow up to eighteen feet when they mature, many people like to keep them short, as hedges and screens. Common design uses for the skip laurel tree are either as the main attraction in a smaller yard or as a shrub in a larger garden. One of the greatest benefits of the skip laurel tree is that it can easily thrive in all kinds of climates. It can easily grow in all light levels, as well as all levels of soil ph. Whether it is very sunny, or very shady, the skip laurel tree will grow, regardless. Unlike other laurels, when winter rolls around, the skip laurel tree’s leaves will not brown during the winter. As a matter of fact, it can withstand cold up to ten below!

Make sure you do not flood your skip laurel. That can kill it. No matter what the soil, as long as the water is draining, your tree should be fine. One of the greatest benefits of having a skip laurel tree is that they are resistant to pests and diseases!


A cost-efficient way to block the view of prying eyes into your home is using skip laurel trees as hedges. Erecting a fence in your backyard can do the trick also, but it costs more money, and it is not as pleasing to the eye. Using skip laurels as hedges protect you and your family. To create a privacy screen, separate your skip laurels between three and ten feet apart. If you want them to be denser, keep them closer, if not spread them out. Be patient with your new laurels. They will fill in within a few years, and provide a thick, barrier between your home and the outside.

The best time to plant your skip laurel is any time of the year as long as the ground is not frozen. Dig holes (I suggest in a circle) to have the proper spacing for your laurels. It gives them the room to grow. Dig a hole eight to twelve inches deep. Once you have prepared the soil and planted them, water them no more than once or twice a week. Do this for the first few weeks after planting your skip laurels. Once they start to grow, you will be able to trim them as needed. Keep in mind, if your skip laurels have been overwatered, their roots begin to rot. Once the roots begin to rot, they act as if they are in a drought and don’t have enough water. Once this happens, they are not able to absorb the water into the rest of your tree. That is why the leaves your skip laurels change colors and fall off.

Trimming your skip laurels will help them to grow thicker and denser. The best times to trim them are between spring and fall. If your trees are young, it is best to trim them with pruners rather than trimmers. As they mature, trimmers are fine. Your skip laurels don’t need to be trimmed more than once a year. They are very low-maintenance (as you can see), and once you trim them, you’re able to leave them alone until the following year.

Planting your skip laurel trees are ideal for an extra barrier between the outside world and your home. There is no need to do all the work by yourself. Have the prettiest lawn in all of Nassau and Suffolk County. No need to dig up Long Island nurseries to find wholesale trees for sale. Cypress Tree King will do all the work for you. All you have to do is sit back, and enjoy the view.