Skip Laurel Trees

Skip Laurel

Are skip laurel trees a necessary purchase?


When looking for options to keep your home private, skip laurel trees for sale are your best option. Skip laurel trees require little maintenance, maximum privacy, and offer versatility for your landscaping needs. Finding a company that can help you enhance the privacy of your home is sometimes hard to come by. Look no further than Cypress Tree Kings to help you with your skip laurel tree needs.


Planting skip laurel trees


The best times to plant your skip laurel trees are between March and October. If you plant them in a pot, any time of year is okay. Once you’re ready to transfer them to your yard, anytime between early spring and fall is okay. Once you plant your skip laurels outside, spacing them between two and three feet apart is best for their growth. Skip laurels grow best with lots of sunlight and are still able to thrive in partial shade. Keeping them properly watered and fertilized helps them grow fairly quickly.


Is something wrong with my skip laurel tree?

If you see the leaves of your skip laurel tree turning yellow and falling off, that might be a sign of either over or under watering your skip laurels. During the growing season (March through October), keeping your skip laurels properly watered can help boost their growth. Keeping the roots moist in hot weather is a surefire way to keep your trees thriving.


Conversely, if your skip laurels have been overwatered, their roots begin to rot. Once the roots begin to rot, they act as if they are in a drought and don’t have enough water. Once this happens, they are not able to absorb the water into the rest of your tree. That is why the leaves your skip laurels change colors and fall off.


Generally, maintenance of skip laurel trees are pretty low. On average, pruning them twice a year is really all you need. They require little fertilizer and a moderate amount of watering. Skip laurels are a great option for people that don’t have time to tend garden regularly. They maintain their beauty, and don’t require too much to do so.


When you decide to buy your skip laurel trees for sale, you don’t have to be too picky with the soil that goes with them. From sand to clay, acidic or alkaline, skip laurels don’t have a hard time growing in any kind of soil. They are not picky as to what kind of soil you use for them. Just be mindful of how much you water them. That is the main thing that can affect their growth.




Skip laurel trees are one of the best trees for keeping your home private. Since they can grow ten to eighteen feet in a year, they are one of the most used trees for home privacy. Using them instead of a fence, they can keep people from easily looking into your private space.


Skip laurels are also versatile because they can be used as hedges as well! If you decide to use your skip laurels as hedges, all you have to do is keep them trim at a certain height. The more you trim your hedges, the denser they become. That can make it harder for people to look inside your home. Although they may require a bit more trimming, they still do not require too much regarding watering and overall maintenance.


Skip Laurel trees are a wonderful option for keeping your front and/ or backyard beautiful for a lush outdoor setting. Finding a company to help you plant your skip laurels in your yard is essential. Finding spots for optimal growth quickly enhances the beauty of your yard. Cypress Tree King is your best option for your skip laurel tree needs.

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