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Leyland Cypress trees

When deciding how to add a little oomph to your backyard, you don’t have to travel all over Nassau and Suffolk counties looking for the ideal Long Island wholesale nursery. Cypress Tree King is here to help you spruce up your landscaping woes. They specialize in wholesale trees for sale and have experts on hand to help you get your yard in tip-top shape. Cypress Tree King experts are available to help you not only install your new trees but help you maintain them throughout the year as well. On Long Island, cypress trees are very popular. They are able to sustain in tough weather, they do wonders for the environment, and they give your home a fresh, beautiful upgrade.

Leyland cypress tree background

Originating in Montgomeryshire Wales, at the Leighton Hall Poweys estate, Monterey cypress and Nootka cypress were planted in close proximity to each other. Rumor has it that they were both parent trees. In the wild, these two different trees would never encounter each other because they would grow very far away from each other. They would actually be about 400 miles apart. But alas, they found their way next to each other on the lawn of an estate and the rest is history. In 1888, the flowers of the Nootka cypress became fertilized by the pollen of the Monterey cypress. A hybrid began to grow. Over time, different beneficiaries of the estate continued to experiment with different variations of growing new hybrids with the Nootka and the Monterey trees. At first, it was thought that the Leyland trees were sterile. Now, we know that isn’t true; there are over forty different forms of Leyland cypress trees!

Leyland cypress trees love the light but are capable of withstanding salt spray, and high levels of pollution. They are in high demand because of their growth rate. Leyland cypress trees grow incredibly fast and require very little overall maintenance. In 1925, Leyland trees gained popularity when people began realizing how quickly the trees grew, and their ability to withstand the high winds of Cornwall. Commercial nurseries saw the potential of the trees and began selling them. It was a great call because it was the hottest selling item in nurseries in Great Britan. They were so popular, they made up 10% of total sales of the Great Britan nurseries.

Health benefits

Leyland trees, believe it or not, offer health benefits. As you’re sitting in your backyard, enjoying privacy and a little shade from your tree, you will not know it, but you will be enjoying the health benefits that come along with a Leyland cypress tree as well. One of the biggest benefits of Leyland cypress trees is that they are great for trapping pollutants. They keep the air around you clean. Other benefits come from the cypress oil that they produce. Cypress oil offers a wide variety of healing benefits. The cypress oils heal wounds and cuts quickly, it promotes blood clotting, it aids in removing toxins, very effective in treating muscle cramps and pulls, eradicates respiratory problems, relieves anxiety and treats varicose veins and cellulite.


In Nassau and Suffolk County, homes are close to each other. Keeping your home as private as possible is a common concern for people. Nobody wants to feel like their home is vulnerable to strangers’ eyes. They have a right to as much privacy as possible. Leyland cypress trees are a great way to create privacy for the home. Not only do they shield nosy eyes from peering into your windows and rooms, but they also provide a bit of protection while you sit outside as well. Leyland trees have the ability to absorb the sounds of the road. In addition to the privacy that they offer, they provide a peaceful setting as well. Their ability to help you keep your home quiet and covered make them a great investment for your front and backyard.

Leyland cypress trees for sale offer you, your family and your home many benefits outside of just beauty. Leyland cypress trees are environmentally friendly, they add an extra layer of protection for you and your family, and can withstand tough weather conditions. There is no need to travel all over Nassau and Suffolk County to find a Long Island nursery that may or may not carry the Leyland cypress tree. Finding wholesale trees for sale is easy with Cypress Tree King. They not only offer a wide selection of wholesale trees, but their experts also are available to help you install, and maintain the health, and the beauty of the trees you choose.