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Emerald green tree

When you’re shopping for trees and you see an emerald green tree for sale, snatch it up. Your front and backyard, as well as your family, will thank you for it. In Nassau and Suffolk county, emerald green trees add to the beauty of landscaping projects. When searching for the right place to find wholesale trees for sale, Cypress Tree King is a top choice. Not only are they a highly rated Long Island wholesale nursery, but they are also experts on planting, installing and maintaining the health and beauty of your emerald green trees.


Emerald green trees; also known as Thuja Occidentalis, is native to Canada, and often found in the Northeastern region of the United States. Although it is able to handle a lot of heat and sun, it will not survive a drought. As long as it is in the ground that has soil that drains well, it should not only survive but also thrive. It does not grow very quickly compared to other trees that are similar, but once it is grown, it is normally used for privacy. Unlike other trees that are similar, the emerald green trees remain green in the winter despite the cold temperatures.

It is often compared to the green giant, but there are some differences between the two. Unlike the green giant, the emerald green grows fairly slowly and it is a slender tree that grows to a medium height. It grows to about fifteen feet tall, and three to four feet wide. By comparison, the green giant grows very quickly, and can reach sixty feet high, with a width of twelve to twenty feet! Although the emerald green trees are beautiful, they are mostly planted for function over beauty. They offer the homeowners plenty of privacy on their property. Although emerald green trees are widely used for privacy, they are also ideal for being clipped into ornamental shapes. Why not make your privacy trees interesting to look at?

Managing the health of your emerald green tree requires very little. Depending on the weather, weekly watering is all it needs. If there is excessive heat, watering it a bit more frequently will keep it thriving. Keep it in an area that has the most sunlight; your emerald green tree will thank you. Figure out were the best places to plant them in your yard. Having spots where they can comfortably grow, and offer you and your family top-notch privacy is the ideal setup.

Emerald green trees are not known to carry diseases or have insect problems. To keep them as healthy as possible, optimal sunlight, regular watering (once a week), and regular pruning (once a month). It is a low-cost option for a landscaping upgrade all around.


Besides adding to the visual aesthetic, your emerald green arborvitae trees are capable to be winds deterrents. They can also be used as a fence for your home depending on how they are set up. Using your trees to keep your home protected from the elements and possible strangers seeing inside your home is another reason why the emerald green tree is the best option for you and your family. They have dense leaves, which offers your home solid protection against windbreak, both inside and outside. Having the temperature controlled around your home on the outside offers a way to save money on the inside. Less wind and draft filters into the home, which will cause you to save money on heating and cooling utilities. What is better than having a low-cost way to beautify your lawn, protect your home and save money? An emerald green tree is a solid option when considering your landscaping.

Emerald green arborvitae trees are an inexpensive way to upgrade your home’s landscaping when it needs a little facelift. Cypress Tree King’s experts are here for you to help assist in the installation, and maintenance of your emerald green tree.